Top Tips!

Our Top Tips! are designed to jog thinking, spark conversation, and encourage deeper learning. These one-doc stops present best practices related to the monthly thematic topic.

Barriers are places where learners may get stuck in a lesson. Identifying barriers is essential to designing and facilitating equitable learning environments. When designing inclusive learning experiences, what might we consider to anticipate barriers to learning?

With a clear, explicit learning goal, learners are empowered to choose their best pathway to achieve that goal. How might the intentional design of learning goals reduce barriers to learning and lead to a more inclusive learning environment?

What is mindset?

  • A short-cut for thinking

  • A frame for attention, interpreting, speaking and acting in the world

  • A changeable way of looking at the world

Why is mindset important?

A shift in mindset is essential to designing inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Assessment reveals where learners are and how they learn best. Assessment informs next steps in designing learning experiences to support all learners. Use these tips to ensure that your assessments are flexible, engaging, and aligned to the intended learning goals.