Got a Minute? Mindset

Participants will:

  • Understand how beliefs and attitudes about learning and ability can block growth and progress

  • Explore how reframing barriers using a growth mindset can change the way students think about themselves and learning

  • Practice using language to help shift thinking regarding barriers to learning and student abilities and potential for growth

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Webinar: Mindset

“Barriers are in the design, not the learner” is one of the foundational concepts in Universal Design for Learning. But, what does that mean in practice? How do we design with this foundational UDL concept in mind? In this session, we will explore the shifts in mindset essential to designing inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Slides for the Mindset Webinar

Top Tips! for Mindset

What is mindset?

  • A short-cut for thinking

  • A frame for attention, interpreting, speaking, and acting in the world

  • A changeable way of looking at the world

Why is mindset important?
A shift in mindset is essential to designing inclusive and equitable learning environments.

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Featured Resources: Mindset

Innovation, Growth Mindset and Inquiry Utilizing UDL
This resource is an open house/playground that focuses on tools and strategies based on Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck), Innovator’s Mindset (Couros), and Dive Into Inquiry (MacKenzie).

Growth Mindset: The Early Grades
Early elementary educators introducing and teaching the concept of Growth Mindset will find a wealth of resources in this diverse collection.