Got a Minute? Assessment

Participants will:

  • Deepen understanding of the purpose of formative and summative assessment

  • Explore construct relevance and its impact on assessments

  • Design or revise a literacy assessment

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Video: Intro to Assessment

Why are assessments important? How can we improve assessments? What are some barriers or challenges in assessing student learning, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic? Meet Amanda, Tracey, Bill, and Allison, four CAST assessment experts who will guide you through the answers to these questions and more so that we can better assess each student as an individual.

Top Tips! for Assessment

Assessment reveals where learners are and how they learn best. Assessment informs next steps in designing learning experiences to support all learners. Use these tips to ensure that your assessments are flexible, engaging, and aligned to the intended learning goals.

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The Assessment Playbook: A UDL Approach
This Playbook supports K–12 educators in planning and implementing assessments in order to inform the design of instruction. Effective design and implementation of assessments help ensure that all students are able to grow and develop as learners—so they are empowered to build on their strengths and improve on areas of challenge.